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Professional Sofa Cleaning And Sofa Shampooing Services In Doha, Qatar


Deep and External Sofa Cleaning Services for all Sofas and Upholstery

A sofa is the most crucial area in your house due to the consolation and visual appeal it's far offering to your complete interior of the residence. In Qatar, sofas effortlessly get dirty due to the dusty surroundings, causing hypersensitive reactions and other associated fitness issues quickly, so cleaning will become necessary. Al nasasa provides sofas and upholstery that are totally shampooed and dried with proper chemical compounds, the right equipment, and a trained purifier are the strict necessities for a sofa cleaning procedure. We apprehend this truth better than anybody. Therefore, we offer lower-priced couch cleaning services in Doha Qatar with a completely devoted team of educated and expert cleaners. We are professionals in cleansing shampooing, sanitising, and getting rid of the stains from your sofa to make it appear brighter and clean as new by retaining the unique colour, appearance, or texture.


Now Sofa Cleaning, Sofa Shampooing, and Upholstery Cleaning Services are Affordable and at Your Fingertips.

Flawless couches, superior furniture, king size beds, grand tiles covering the floors – Isn’t this the exact description of our “dream homes”? But, did you know that maintaining these magnificent things is also as important as owning them? We spend an infinite amount of time and sometimes, exceed our budget as well while buying furniture for our homes. Picking up the perfect cleaning services and getting them cleaned regularly is also as crucial as picking the correct one!


When do you need Sofa Shampooing and Sofa Upholstery Cleaning Services?

  • Imagine staying in a room with a continuous fouling smell of couches and furniture…. Disgusting, right?
  • Sofa Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Services offered by Al Nasasa will help you maintain your furniture and keep them intact.
  • The small bacteria breeding on them due to dirt and sweat can be harmful for you and your loved ones. Hence, getting your furniture holstered will not only help you safeguard your loved ones from various health risks but will also keep your furniture lively and intact.


Techniques and equipments used by our sofa cleaning professionals

Steam heat extraction

  • High temperature of steam to remove all the dust and unhealthy particles
  • Removes the excess moisture, ensuring no after – effects

Carbonation cleaning

  • Small amount of carbonating cleaning solution is used, with an effervescent effect. Millions of carbonating bubbles are enough to penetrate and remove the dirt
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Forms a barrier on the surface in order to minimize future accumulation of dirt

Chemical cleaning

  • Chemically safe dry shampoo is used
  • Safe on all fibres, including leather
  • Minimal drying time,.i.e. the sofa can be used within minutes of cleaning

Foam cleaning

  • Foam solution is applied and allowed to rest for a short period
  • The area is vacuumed and a fresh, good smelling sofa results
  • Minimal moisture absorbed

Dry cleaning

  • Similar method like foam cleaning but with no usage of water
  • Cleaning powder is sprinkled on stains and then vacuumed
  • No drying downtime required


Environmental and Living Being Safety Through Sofa Cleaning Services

  • All the products used are environment friendly
  • Special care is taken during the pandemic. All the products are sterilized after every use and all the highly – skilled technicians follow all the norms and safety measures related to Covid – 19.

Why Alnasasa

Use safety measures to sure safety

Trained & Vaccinated Staff

High Quality Equipment & Product used

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common sofa cleaning methods include steam cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning, and spot cleaning. The most suitable method depends on the sofa fabric and the specific cleaning requirements.

Yes, sofa cleaning can help remove unpleasant odors from your sofa. Professional cleaners may use deodorizing agents or techniques that effectively eliminate odors caused by pets, spills, or general use.

It is generally recommended to use cleaning products specifically designed for upholstery or to consult the sofa manufacturer's instructions. Regular household cleaning products may contain ingredients that can damage or discolor the sofa fabric.

Before sofa cleaning, it is advisable to remove any loose objects or items from the sofa, communicate any specific concerns or stains to the cleaner, and ensure proper ventilation in the room to aid in the drying process.

If the cleaning agents are not rinsed properly from within the furniture, the stains will reappear. The Upholstery Team of Al Nasasa ensures to extract the entire cleaning agent and promise that the dirt – stains do not re – appear.

Al Nasasa takes the full guarantee for every service delivered by us. If you are not satisfied with our service delivery, kindly feel free to reach out to us at +97477123271 and we promise to get your issue resolved within 24 hours.

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