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HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Service in Doha, Qatar



The quality of air in the indoor environment depends on the air ducts and ventilation systems particularly hvac systems, its installation and proper maintenance. The cleaning and maintenance is as important as the installation for long term performance of these systems. This is where Alnasasa comes in.

We specialize in cleaning hvac duct systems and dryer vents with the most efficient services available in the market. Our services render your duct systems spot free, sanitised, while enabling proper circulation of cleaner and more breathable air. We provide one of the best services in Qatar. We have a highly professional and expert team of skilled workers who leave no stones unturned in making sure that the air ducts of your buildings are spot on and are functioning properly . Cleaning at specific intervals of time is ideal since a visual inspection and regular cleaning is not feasible here.

All buildings have air ducts and ventilations and these are an integral part of the structure whether they are heating or cooling systems. Residential and commercial buildings need to be cleaned every three to five years, or as and when required specifically owing to inhabitants being prone to allergens and other sensitivities.

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Why clean your hvac duct systems

  • To maintain a clean and healthy environment with breathable air free from contaminants and allergens while improving the overall air flow
  • Dust and debris accumulation in the air ducts causes the system to overwork thereby reducing the efficiency. This inturn results in paying higher bills for low air quality.
  • To get rid of persistent odours that linger inside the rooms like meal odours, smoking odours etc. The reason being that, these odours linger inside the air ducts tainting the air that flows through them.
  • For the proper functioning of the hvac systems, to increase their efficiency and to make them last longer

Cleaning of air duct systems and ventilations are often overlooked by many. Even while keeping up with the technical side of maintenance, cleaning of these systems are very important for the living quality of the inhabitants of a building.

Keep a keen eye on the air quality inside your rooms. Look out for odours. Getting professional help every five years can maintain the ducts and ventilation so that you could get a thorough cleaning, lasting for the next five years. This way you could improve the efficiency and work load of the hvac systems, keep costly repairs at bay and make the systems work for long.

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