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What is Man Power Supply?

Man Power Supply Agencies supply completely skilled, semi – skilled or unskilled professionals, depending upon the type of industry that requires the workforce as well as on the amount of work to be done by the man power. We act as a bridge between the qualified workers and the businesses that require the particular services.


Man Power Supply – Need of the hour

Quatar is witnessing a tremendous growth in every field, be it oil and gas sector, construction projects or hospitality. Efficient and supportive Man Power is the most pivotal and crucial point around which any company revolves. Al Nasasa has a cost – effective man power supply services. Having trusted clients and delivering top – notch work has always been our asset. By associating with us, the tasks of your company become flexible and helps you reduce the burden and increase the productivity of your organization, which indeed will surpass your expectations.



  • Helps you lessen your burden which is associated with man power and labor supply.
  • Minimizes the risk associated with hiring staff from different ends and corners of the globe.
  • Flexible staff and will work on your terms and conditions
  • Can negotiate salary on your behalf


Things to remember before opting for any man power supply agency

  • While opting for a perfect man power supply agency, there are few things that must be kept in mind before proceeding.
  • The exact or atleast the estimated time duration must be known to you before approaching any company since companies that have been working for a while have better networks and connections.
  • To hire a certain kind of man power, the agency opted should also be potent enough to give efficient and skilled labor for a particular task
  • Always follow a sourcing, screening and scanning and selection process. This will help your company get better labor and understand whether a company is fit for your purpose
  • The company approached should offer you a clear plan on their functioning, so as to offer you the best return on your employment investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Al Nasasa takes the complete warranty for every service delivered. If you are not satisfied with our service delivery, please reach out to us at +97477123271 and we promise to resolve your issue within 24 hours.

If we successfully shortlist candidates that fit into your role, are skilled and efficient enough to work at your place, the man power supply team of Al Nasasa will contact you within 48 hours and then proceed with the further proceedings.

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