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Should we Disinfect and Sanitize our Home and Office? Check out why

Did you know that your chances of getting infected by the virus become 90% even if you come into proximity with the person already suffering from it?

The fact that Covid – 19 can be transmitted via contact of hands with the infected person is known by each one of us. But were you aware of the fact that the infected surfaces also play a major role in the escalation of this disease? It has a major contribution to the upsurge of the pandemic and being extra careful is the best thing that we can follow. Disinfection of the place of your residence or your workplace is one of the smallest yet the most crucial steps you could take to mitigate the pathogens from entering into your lives.


Why choose Al Nasasa as your disinfection service provider in Qatar

Al Nasasa is here to provide you proper protection from diseases at the most affordable rates. The team of Disinfection Services does its work with utmost sincerity. Promising to deliver the best, the team works with its heart and soul, delivering exceptional results. With Hi – Tech and modern pieces of equipment, Al Nasasa is the best go – resort for disinfection of your villas and offices.

To get rid of the microscopic microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria, every step has to be taken carefully and every observation needs to be detailed. For the elimination of such dangerous organisms, there are a variety of disinfectants available on the market which are not user – friendly and have a very hazardous impact on one’s health as well on the environment. Safety being the topmost priority of the disinfection services team of Al Nasasa, we utilize the disinfectants that are not only industrially graded but also are true to the list of biosecurity guides.

Always delivering as promised, team Al Nasasa has eminent clients like Papa Johns Pizza, Mimar, Sama Group, Simex Group, Al Malki Group of Companies, Breathe Group Interior Trading, OptionOne.Co, QBEC, VINCI, and many more who have complete faith in our team that visits them for General Cleaning Services. These companies have one of the finest interiors, with many people working with them. We would like to extend a hand of gratitude towards all the companies associated with us for having trust and faith in the Disinfection Services Team of Al Nasasa.

Why Alnasasa

Use PPE Kit, Facemask, Gloves to make sure safety

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Certified and Hospital grade disinfectants used

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Al Nasasa takes the complete warranty for every service delivered. If you are not satisfied with our service delivery, please reach out to us at +97477123271 and we promise to resolve your issue within 24 hours.

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