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Professional and Reliable Post Construction Cleaning

It feels amazing to step into a newly renovated workspace or living space, right? The smell of the newly renovated house undoubtedly takes you to another world and you wish your house to remain like that forever. Renovation is indeed exciting and the thought of it is too! But the scariest part that comes along is the cleaning and the mess that is caused post construction. Even if everything goes as planned, there might be some debris left back which will in turn be hazardous to your health.


Benefits Of Choosing Al Nasasa For Your Post Construction Cleaning

  • The Post Construction Cleaning at Al Nasasa has a team of highly skilled cleaners, who have an in-depth knowledge about the instruments and devices they work with. Being trained under proper guidance and supervision, they leave no stones unturned to deliver the best result possible.
  • The team of Al Nasasa also looks into the fact that not even a tiny bit of your house is left uncleaned, which may later cause trouble to you and your loved ones.


What do mean by post construction cleaning services, and when it is required?

  • Cleaning up the space after construction is necessary not only to clean up the area by removing debris, dust and the waste material but also it helps to give the finishing touch it needs.
  • Not only is it important to get rid of all the clutter and chaos caused but the mess that is left behind tends to compromise with your health.
  • The tiny particles and bacteria that might have had entered into your house while renovation also need to be removed, which on not doing so may cause illness to you and your loved ones.
  • With professional post construction cleaning services provided by the team of Al Nasasa, you can avail maximum benefits such as sitting back and sipping your tea while your house is being cleaned by our experts.


Strategies and equipment used by our experts in post construction cleaning

  • Microfiber cloths – To dust out your place
  • A professional vacuum cleaner with various nozzle attachments – To suck in all the dust and debris
  • Trash containers and/or heavy-duty trash bags – To store the sucked debris
  • Dusters and Mops – To wipe out the dust left behind, if any
  • All-purpose cleaners – To clean the tiles of your house
  • Glass cleaners – To wipe the doors and windows with ease
  • Degreasers – To remove stains, if any left behind
  • Cleaners/disinfectants – To disinfect your homes or offices


Environmental and living being protection during post construction cleaning services

  • Knowing the importance of a healthy environment and surroundings, the team of Al Nasasa takes all the measures to use environment friendly techniques, which will be beneficial to both humans as well as the environment.
  • During the pandemic, our team takes special care of safety such as sterilizing all the equipment after every use and following all the Covid – related precautionary measures.


Importance Of Post Construction Cleaning Services And Benefits Of Choosing Al Nasasa For Your Post-Construction Cleaning.

  • We are the best post-construction cleaning company possible for post-construction cleaning services in Doha Qatar. The Post construction cleaning at Al Nasasa has a team of highly skilled cleaners, who have in-depth knowledge about the instruments and devices they work with. The team of All Nasasa also looks into the fact that not even a tiny bit of your house is left uncleaned. We usually intend for whole customer Satisfaction in all of our cleaning jobs. If you need professional post-construction cleaning services we are here to help you.

Why Alnasasa

Use safety measures to sure safety

Trained & Vaccinated Staff

High Quality Equipment & Product used

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Al Nasasa takes the complete guarantee for every service delivered. If you are dissatisfied with our service delivery, please feel free to reach out to us at +97477123271 and we promise to resolve your issue within 24 hours.

You should ask them questions such as

  • Will the job be performed by the experts themselves or under their supervision?
  • Will they be cleaning all the accumulated dust particles?
  • Will they re – position all the items displaced?

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