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Why Sofa Cleaning Is More Important?

We all know that in every home, the sofa is the main attraction. It adds more ambience to your home and at the same time changes the overall appearance. That is why keeping your sofa clean and hygienic becomes more important.

But many of us are not aware of how it will be cleaned, or what method will be used to clean the sofa without destroying the furniture. Because several instances where bad cleaning has destroyed good furniture. Sofas go through much abuse and wear and tear. Sitting, jumping on them, dumping them with clothes. Since it is important to clean the sofa.

Sofa cleaning is an easy job and it might be the one. However, selecting the right method and time for cleaning is necessary to get effective results. And the only alternative is being aware of what your sofa is all about, the material used, its structure and how you can go about keeping it as clean as possible regularly.

Do you know what are the important tips that you have to follow while making your sofa clean and hygienic?

Detergents and cleaning agents are only for cleaning. It is essential to dislodge any caked dirt, grime and dust first before cleaning with them. Using a basic bristle brush, comb through the couch seating, in the nooks and corners, backrest and armrest. Once removed, it is easier to get deeper stains cleaned. These are the basic cleaning tips but you have to know them professionally else it affects the shine of fabric material.

Read this blog. Here is the answer to all your questions.

You will understand how sofa cleaning at the right time can preserve its original shine and extend its life. I’m sure the following tips will help you to make the perfect cleaning.


Stain removal cleaning

Spills are common and often necessary. However, permanent stains are avoidable. You need to identify what type of stain has spread to your sofa. Different types of stains generally require various stain removal solutions.

Here are some most possible stains that can occur:

  • Milk/coffee/tea
  • Grease
  • Alcohol/Tomato
  • Puree
  • Mud
  • Lipstick

As soon as you see the spill or stain, quickly clean it with the right DIY hacks. It means the right time to clean the stain is timely. Of course, make sure you do not damage the fabric because of the wrong selection of sofa cleaning agents or being too harsh while cleaning. Since if you are not confident in the cleaning method or If one or two rounds of stain cleaning do not remove the stain, better to go for a professional upholstery cleaning service that can remove the stain without hampering the fabric.


Vacuum Cleaning

It should be part of your daily cleaning routine.

Sofa fabric has many dust particles, debris, dead skin shells, pet hair, etc. on the surface. It will go to the fabric roots if it does not get cleaned daily. You must spend time on the sofa cleaning daily or at least on an alternate day. Careful vacuuming to remove dust can help to keep the couch clean and hygienic. If you experience some bad odour even after vacuuming, contact the professional team to get your furniture back.

Make sure that vacuum cleaning never affects the shine and the material of your sofa. Because it is very difficult to bring back the shine after a regular cleaning round. You will need a professional upholstery cleaning service to bring back its shine.

By vacuum cleaning your couch daily or on an alternate day, you can maintain your sofa in good shape and reduce the cycle of experienced couch cleaning.


Deep Sofa Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the process of completely cleaning the couch using methods like hot water extraction, steam cleaning, etc. Depending on the condition of the couch, deep cleaning methods can be applied.

Even if you clean your sofa daily or use the best DIY hacks to keep it clean and shiny, you cannot avoid the need for deep cleaning.

However, you must use an experienced sofa cleaning service for deep cleaning.

The professionals will have the expertise, experience, and tools to effectively deep clean the couch, which you are less likely to have. Deep cleaning will not only clean your couch, but it will also disinfect and deodorize it. Along with bringing back its shine, it will also extend its life. The right interval of deep cleaning varies depending on factors like couch fabric, use, age, etc. Still, ideally, it is one or two times every six months.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning and Remove stains as early as possible to make cleaning easy. You have to ensure keeping the stain remover stick handy makes your work easier. Do not machine dry or iron the fabric till the stain is completely removed. Never use bleach when removing stains on any sofa fabric as bleach may cause the fabric to discolour and may lose its shine.

If you are starting to remove the stain using any cleaning solution, always test the solution on a hidden area before applying the solution onto the stain and risk damaging the fabric upholstery. Do not use much fluid when you are cleaning fabric sofas as this may spread the stain and possibly damage your sofa upholstery. Always ensure the fabric sofa is thoroughly dried using thick layers of kitchen tissue or a thick towel. Baking soda can be generously spread on a damp area overnight to absorb the remaining fluid in the sofa. Vacuum thoroughly the next day to remove excess baking soda residue.

When you have any doubt, or if you feel any difficulties always contact a professional sofa cleaning service as soon as possible. The longer the stain remains on the sofa fabric, the more difficult, or impossible, it is to remove the stain. It is common to find new stains on your sofa fabric after celebrations or gatherings. Do not fret, you are not alone. You can contact us to get a professional cleaning service. Our experienced team will help you to get back your sofa along with its shine.

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